Where are the Women Business Thought Leaders?

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picture-012.jpgThat’s a question I’ve asked for a while now and none of the pretty enlightened leaders I know seem to have a clue either. So, I thought it would be fun to plan to find them and when I do, they’ll appear in this category.

In 2006, I was a partner in a thought leadership publishing venture called 9th Element Press and we published our first award-winning business book, The Art of Original Thinking: The Making of a Thought Leader. It was written in record time by one of the most talented women thought leaders I know, Jan Phillips.

To become a thought leader, you have to be an original thinker because thought leaders don’t become that way by thinking someone else’s thoughts. (makes sense).

The Art of Original Thinking engages you in a 3 part process:

  • Release the Past,
  • Embrace the Present
  • Create the Future

It’s truly a ground breaking business book that introduces you to some of today’s most original thinking companies (and I guarantee they aren’t ones you’re used to reading about) and how they are increasing global consciousness and doing well while doing good.If you know a woman who you consider a thought leader, send me a note and tell me why and I’ll consider adding her to this section…

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  • Maggie Lancy

    Hi Michelle,

    Hope all is great!

    Wonderful post!

    Leaders are eagles that soar!


  • Adalia John

    On an intuitive level, I believe their are many female thought leaders that we are not aware of. Mothers who have new and innovative thoughts about motherhood and children. Teachers with new thoughts and ideas about education. The nature lovers with new thoughts on how to love the planet etc. However, they are hiding in the shadows either because they lack the confidence to speak up and be heard or they do not trust their thoughts because they are so profoundly different to the norm. Why say anything and run the risk of being laughed at or ignored. Whatever the reason, the end result is the same, keeping those profound thoughts to yourself will not transform the world.

    So sisters, be bold, trust what you are thinking and start sharing.

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