Thought Leaders:How to Start a Movement & Get Your First Follower in 3 Minutes

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Throwback Post Day! Here’s a post I did in 2011 that I think is even more relevant in 2013.

I found this video in a leadership lesson, on an online learning site. I almost passed it up because I wasn’t looking for this topic – it just popped up in the search for the other keyword.

But I reminded myself that insights (thinklets) on thought leadership come in the most obscure ways sometimes, ESPECIALLY when you aren’t looking for them.

So what does a 3 minute video on dancing have to do with thought leadership, launching a movement and getting YOUR first follower?

Watch this video – it’s a study in human sociology at the least. You’ll see the “light of insight” flip on when you do. 😉

Enjoy – it’s Edutainment at it’s finest…FUNNY!

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  • Estee Taschereau

    Great story, great lesson! Thank you Michelle, you are my inspiration and compass in the world of getting a message out while enjoying the process!

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