Online Thought Leadership: The Social Network Business Plan

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It’s about time somebody wrote this book. And, David Silver is the one to write it. I like it because it’s practical. David breaks down 18 revenue channels for online communities, and none of them are advertising. Interesting huh? Want to know what they are? Listen in to this interview and you will see. Better yet, grab a copy of the book for your library. It’s a keeper.

THE SOCIAL NETWORK BUSINESS PLAN: 18 Strategies That Will Create Great Wealth. (He’s got my attention 😉

USA Today says, “If entrepreneurship is a religion, then Silver is its high priest.”>

In The Social Network Business Plan, social network expert, David Silver presents and explains 18 cutting-edge methods to create revenue for social network websites–none of which are advertising.

He also predicts the demise of seemingly successful online communities such as MySpace and Facebook that rely on advertising as non-sustainable modalities.

David says the future new products and services will be introduced, talked about, rated, reviewed and recommended – or killed – by online communities.

Listen in on The Business of Online Thought Leadership internet radio show

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