Did You Know There Are
7 Different Types of ACTIONS
Social Media Users Take?

Get Proven Advice on How to REALLY Use Social Media…
From a Social Media Capitalist

The first question you need to ask anyone who tells you they are a social media strategist?

What’s your strategy? If they start blabbing about Facebook Fan Pages and Twitter accounts and YouTube channels my advice to you is to turn around and run. As fast as possible.

Social Media is not a Facebook Fan Page.
It’s not a Twitter account

It’s CONTENT. Digital Content. You use those sites as platforms to publish your content and create a conversation with real people.

Your Deliverable:
Social Media CONTENT Publishing Strategy
and Action Plan

A strategy that explicitly focuses on how to create SOCIAL CONTENT to connect with your perfect online tribe – seekers of knowledge that only you possess. And achieve your overall business objectives by learning what actions social media users take and influence them to take that action with YOU.

Introducing Your Content Marketing & Conversation Game Plan

• Social Media Content Assessment – What do you already have to repurpose?

Through our Social Media Content Assessment we:

  1. Identify the appropriate starting point
  2. Identify the right direction for you and
  3. Define your main reason for integrating social media into your business
  4. Figure out what you have to work with and what you will need to create (and we have a simple, easy method to help you do it FAST)

• Social Content Conversation Research

Who’s already taking action and exactly where are they having that conversation?
• Social Content Creation Brainstorm & Social Network Mindmap

What content do we place on what network? Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube and other top Content Networks

• Social Media Content Marketing Action Plan (Your MAP to success)…

Your personalized Social Activation Plan with Specific Recommendations including:

  1. Business Blogging Content Strategy
  2. Social Networking Strategy for Facebook & Twitter
  3. Social Multimedia Content Marketing & Distribution Plan for expanding your online presence – be FOUND.

Email me at michellep at (no spambots for me!) with your specific book or expertise. We’ll figure out where you should start.

Do it now!