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For some reason, I’ve always been fascinated with the topic of thought leadership. Maybe because I like to think a lot ;-).  

In fact, in 2005 I was a partner in a start-up consulting firm with 5 other dynamic women – we named our company 9th Element Group, (the ninth element is Flourine, it’s the most powerful element in the known universe and has been tested as rocket fuel…literally).  and we decided our niche was going to be The Business of Thought Leadership.  We would position, package and propel thought leaders into their marketplace! 

Part of the business of thought leadership is that you publish thought-provoking information. And we knew we’d need to write a book to be taken seriously. Luckily, one of the partners was an award-winning author, Jan Phillips. Jan wrote the book over the summer of 2005 (literally).  The Art of Original Thinking: The Making of a Thought Leader was published in 2006 and won awards.

Unfortunately, the company ran out of funding before we could really get traction so we all went off to other things.   

My intrique with the topic has remained, and in particular, I’m finding that there are a lot of women who demonstrate thought leadership with blogging, podcasting, social networking, social media and other areas – PR, business, technology…but aren’t necessarily recognized for their leading-edge thinking.

So I’m starting an internet talk radio show “The Business of Online Thought Leadership” and it’s going to profile many of the brave new entrepreneurs leading the field who you may not necessarily know but probably should.  

This week starts with my good friend Rob Schultz of and the reason I started with him is that he’s done some really cool innovative things with online media, like creating flash movies for big name coaches, and created a Larry King-style split screen interview using Skype and a web-cam (who knew? Traditional media is probably about to lose their MIND because of innovations like this ;-)…they can’t compete!)

Why Rob first? Well, when we reconnected recently, he happens to have just created the Online Radio Challenge – a 50 day program to creating your online radio show using Blog Talk Radio (how about that for timing?? The Universe is always at work, right?)

You can watch the split-screen program below:

You can listen to our first show here: The Business of Online Thought Leadership

And, I’ll be on the air every Wednesday at at high noon to inspire and empower you to build your online presence using social media and social networking, build your platform and get up close and personal with some of today’s most innovative thought leaders in social media.

Hope you can join me!

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  • Barbara niven

    Wow, Michelle, great show and great info. You and Rob really sparked ideas and possibilities! Thanks!

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