Thought Leaders:How to Start a Movement & Get Your First Follower in 3 Minutes

Throwback Post Day! Here’s a post I did in 2011 that I think is even more relevant in 2013. I found this video in a leadership lesson, on an online learning site. I almost passed it up [...]


Access the Wisdom of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers

What is Wisdom? From Wikipedia: “A basic philosophical definition of wisdom is to make the best use of knowledge. The opposite of wisdom is folly. The ancient Greeks considered wisdom to be [...]


Tribal Thought Leadership: 5 Stages of Tribes

My good friend Michelle Anton pointed me to this book video (below) on Tribal Leadership today. She knows I am a fascinated, curious human being when it comes to anything related to social [...]


Tribes Are What Matter Now – Seth Godin at TED

The OG Online Thought Leader Seth Godin talks at TED about Tribes (What I like to call True Fans – what if you had a Tribe of 1000 True Fans? Never “work” again because you [...]