Social Media Capitalist Trend: How to Reach Women on Pinterest

Saw these two infographics and thought it time I posted something about Pinterest. If women consumers are your market, this is your spot. Interesting facts: Close to 70% of Pinterest users are [...]


Tribal Thought Leadership: 5 Stages of Tribes

My good friend Michelle Anton pointed me to this book video (below) on Tribal Leadership today. She knows I am a fascinated, curious human being when it comes to anything related to social [...]


reBlog: 15 Things Social Media Can Do for You Today

FYI, “reBlog” is for bloggers what “Re-Tweet” is to Twitters.  I learned that today on my internet travels. Using Twitter to discover conversations about thought [...]


Tribes Are What Matter Now – Seth Godin at TED

The OG Online Thought Leader Seth Godin talks at TED about Tribes (What I like to call True Fans – what if you had a Tribe of 1000 True Fans? Never “work” again because you [...]


Facebook Fatigue? Start Your Own Social Network

I think I have a slight case of Facebook Fatigue… If I get one more group message inviting me to an event 4,000 miles away I don’t really want to say what I will do, it’s not [...]


Social Media Watch: Google Friend Connect

Google’s been hot to really get in on the social media game and you know they don’t play around. They’ve been acquiring Web 2.0 social media sites (like YouTube for $1.6BILLION) [...]


How One PR Pro Used Facebook to Connect Hungry Journalists to Hungry Publicity Seekers

Talk about moving the free line! Peter Shankman didn’t start out thinking that he’d be giving the well-known PR service ProfNet a run for their money when he decided to post emails he [...]


How to Become a World-Class Facebook Psychologist

This just in my inbox from my friend Ben, (oops, I mean Howard Campbell). I told him I thought it would be fun to share and I was going to post this onto my blog. Hey, where else could you get a [...]


Caveat Vendidor – Let The Seller Beware (or… WalMart Bows Down to the Blog-o-sphere)

Okay, I’m borrowing a phrase from my good friend and colleague Mitch Axelrod. Caveat Vendidor is one of the tenets that underpin his philosophy “The New Game of Business”. He [...]


60% of Wealthy Consumers Online Use Social Networks

Gotta love the guys and gals at MarketingVox.com – they vet all of the info and only give you news you can use. Who are these wealthy consumers? They average 287k in income and have a net [...]