Dear Michelle, Thank you for being Linkedin member #53,517

How cool. Got this email from Linked in a while back. Started a post, and got sidetracked. It makes me feel like the social media pioneer I am…I just don’t talk about it as much as [...]


Thought LeadHership: 100 Women of Destiny “Tele-Retreat”

You know I love discovering women on the leading edge, who aren’t known, but should be. Mark my words when I say watch these women on this call. Some of the best kept secrets you’d [...]


Largest-ever Free Conscious Business Telesummit on Conscious Capitalism

Before yesterday, I’d never heard of Joie de Vivre Founder Chip Conley So I went to watch his TED Talkto get the best of his thinking and became totally engaged with his vision. I highly [...]


The Influencer Project: Online Thought Leaders In Action

I interviewed Christiana Briddell, Co-Founder of ThoughtLead.com about The Influencer Project: The World’s Shortest Marketing Conference on The Business of Online Thought Leadership on Blog [...]


Join Top Women Thought Leaders at the Inspiring Women Summit Teleseminar…Free

I am delighted to invite you to join me for the Inspiring Women Summit, an unprecedented teleseminar event featuring 52 women leaders and powerful connections with thousands of other women over 8 [...]


Guest Blogger: Ananda Leeke, Sisterhood, The Blog

I discovered Ananda Leeke via a surprising stream of @ tweets that she shared about me and some of the concepts and things I have been up to ;-)…how cool is that? So I jumped over to her [...]


Where are the Women Business Thought Leaders?

That’s a question I’ve asked for a while now and none of the pretty enlightened leaders I know seem to have a clue either. So, I thought it would be fun to plan to find them and when [...]


reBlog: 15 Things Social Media Can Do for You Today

FYI, “reBlog” is for bloggers what “Re-Tweet” is to Twitters.  I learned that today on my internet travels. Using Twitter to discover conversations about thought [...]


Tribes Are What Matter Now – Seth Godin at TED

The OG Online Thought Leader Seth Godin talks at TED about Tribes (What I like to call True Fans – what if you had a Tribe of 1000 True Fans? Never “work” again because you [...]


Online Thought Leadership: The Social Network Business Plan

It’s about time somebody wrote this book. And, David Silver is the one to write it. I like it because it’s practical. David breaks down 18 revenue channels for online communities, and [...]

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