Thought Leader Michael Drew & The Pendulum TedxCalgary

Meet Michael Drew, my son from another mother 😉 Against some pretty big odds, he’s succeeded in getting his BIG thoughts out into the world in some amazing ways. I’ve known Mike since [...]


Facebook Fatigue? Start Your Own Social Network

I think I have a slight case of Facebook Fatigue… If I get one more group message inviting me to an event 4,000 miles away I don’t really want to say what I will do, it’s not [...]


Carnival of Social Marketing Mavericks…Let the Fun Begin!

What’s a Blog Carnival you ask? You know by now I don’t believe in reinventing the wheel, so without furthur ado, here is the description straight from the Blog Carnival Barkers [...]


How One PR Pro Used Facebook to Connect Hungry Journalists to Hungry Publicity Seekers

Talk about moving the free line! Peter Shankman didn’t start out thinking that he’d be giving the well-known PR service ProfNet a run for their money when he decided to post emails he [...]


Record Breaking 10 Billion Videos Viewed Online in December 2007…

Online Video’s Record-Breaking Month: 10 Billion Viewed in December – MarketingVOX In my opinion, niche topic professional speakers listen up – better yet, take action to find [...]


Free IQ for All!

Move over MySpace, LinkedIn, Ryze, eCademy…etc. Free IQ is here. This site is the answer all of the business professionals have been looking for but hadn’t been developed yet. Brad [...]