Social Media Capitalist Trend: How to Reach Women on Pinterest

Saw these two infographics and thought it time I posted something about Pinterest. If women consumers are your market, this is your spot. Interesting facts: Close to 70% of Pinterest users are [...]


Fierce Feminine Friday: 5 Mom Thought Leaders for Healthcare

Welcome to Fierce Feminine Friday. It’s something I’ve thought about doing for a while to showcase the Fierce Feminine women thought leaders who are out activating and making things [...]


Access the Wisdom of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers

What is Wisdom? From Wikipedia: “A basic philosophical definition of wisdom is to make the best use of knowledge. The opposite of wisdom is folly. The ancient Greeks considered wisdom to be [...]


Global Women’s Summit Los Angeles features Women Thought Leaders

I’m delighted to tell you about the GLOBAL WOMEN’S SUMMIT presented by the fastest growing global women’s network in the world – The WIN – this weekend in Los Angeles. [...]


Online Thought Leaders: Social Media’s First Magazines

I’ve been saying “Connectivity is the NEW Currency” for years now. The power of the network effect is undeniable in this case. Due the the Network Effect, these four magazines [...]


How to Use Google+ to Grow Followers and Influence

Google has released a brand new social network called Google+ (or Google Plus). And it’s gotten 10 MILLION users in 2 weeks. While the network is still in “invite only” status, [...]


Guest Blog: 99 Things You Wish You Knew BEFORE Stressing Out

One week prior to her final divorce court date, Lauren Miller was diagnosed with stage-three breast cancer and told she had a 50 PERCENT CHANCE OF SURVIVAL. How’s THAT for stress? She’s [...]


Tribal Thought Leadership: 5 Stages of Tribes

My good friend Michelle Anton pointed me to this book video (below) on Tribal Leadership today. She knows I am a fascinated, curious human being when it comes to anything related to social [...]


Thought LeadHership: 100 Women of Destiny “Tele-Retreat”

You know I love discovering women on the leading edge, who aren’t known, but should be. Mark my words when I say watch these women on this call. Some of the best kept secrets you’d [...]


Largest-ever Free Conscious Business Telesummit on Conscious Capitalism

Before yesterday, I’d never heard of Joie de Vivre Founder Chip Conley So I went to watch his TED Talkto get the best of his thinking and became totally engaged with his vision. I highly [...]

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