Online Thought Leaders: Social Media’s First Magazines

I’ve been saying “Connectivity is the NEW Currency” for years now.

The power of the network effect is undeniable in this case.

Due the the Network Effect, these four magazines are launching with a higher circulation than the previous business category leaders, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Businessweek and Fortune combined.

I’m just posting the release as is for now. Will come back later and give some commentary later in a few days…

Stay Connected – Michelle P.

Partnerships Create World’s Leading Circulation Business Magazines with 13.8 Million Distribution


NEW YORK (September 7, 2011) – With social media’s influence growing at a rapid pace, entrepreneurs are embracing it to stay ahead of the curve – and their competition. And now social media’s first magazines – set to debut in October 2011 – are partnering with professional communities and The Pro2Pro Network to expand their business circulation to 13.8 million at launch. This circulation surpasses previous business circulation leader, Wall Street Journal, with 2.1 million subscribers.

EFactor is the world’s largest entrepreneurial community, with members spanning 180 countries. They are a social network and one-stop shop for entrepreneurs, providing them with free resources such as access to funding and savings through exclusively negotiated member discounts.

The Pro2Pro Network is the largest professional-to-professional referral network in North America. Pro2Pro is where  doctors and professionals go for referrals. Their network of entrepreneurs, doctors, attorneys and other professionals is like for professionals, bringing together like minded geo-targeted professionals  who want to establish mutually beneficial referral relationships.

Associate Publisher and best-selling author Eric Yaverbaum says these partnerships reflect the mission of the social media magazines. “These networks really walk the walk of serving their members. By providing our four social media magazines to their constituents for free, they are allowing their members to play the social media game as an informed player. Without this kind of instruction they would find it more difficult to attract customers, translating into lower visibility and lost sales.”

“The influence and power of social media is critical for entrepreneurs,” says founder of EFactor Adrie Reinders. “Our partnership with the four Social Media Magazines is an excellent example of how we provide the most up-to-date information on how entrepreneurs can engage with their customers and increase their profits.”

The four social media magazines, FB & Business (Facebook), Tweeting & Business (Twitter), LI & Business (Linkedin), and The Big G & Business (Google) include a team of the nation’s most influential social media and business minds. The magazines are designed to help businesses and executives leverage the power of the four leading social media platforms, services that are immensely important for entrepreneurs to master.

“Prior to partnering with EFactor & The Pro2Pro Network we already had millions of readers through our exclusive distribution partnership with Office Depot,” says Larry Genkin, GSG WorldMedia’s founder, publisher and CEO. “Now each of our four publications will launch with a higher circulation than the previous business category leaders, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Businessweek and Fortune combined.”

“The combination of and Pro2Pro Network’s vision, with our experts’ knowledge allows us to give 13.8 million entrepreneurs and business people access to the best minds in social media today and for free. As an added bonus, the print publications will also be available in digital format at no cost,” adds Genkin.


Further solidifying the magazines as the “go-to” resource on social media for entrepreneurs and business executives, the publications have signed top experts to contribute editorially. Such masters include entrepreneur and NFL great Fran Tarkenton; Guerrilla Marketing author Jay Conrad Levinson; Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, who Forbes named one of the world’s top 15 most influential business thinkers; Robert Scoble, who gained fame as Microsoft’s “Geek” blogger; Yanik Silver, known as the “godfather of Internet marketing;” and behavioral economist and the best-selling author of the business classic Predictably Irrational, Dan Ariely.


About EFactor: was founded by a team of successful serial entrepreneurs.  At, entrepreneurs exchange ideas with experts, receive exclusive discounts on business tools, interact with potential partners or clients, and discover funding for their startups. EFactor offers a unique mix of online and offline events in the US and internationally. Members join EFactor to make relevant connections, taking their businesses to the next level.


About Pro2Pro Network: Provides strategic business-building marketing solutions for doctors and professionals by scheduling pre-screened, pre-qualified mutually beneficial meetings for professionals with other local professionals who want to establish referral relationships.
About Social Media Magazines: The four social medial publications include FB & Business (Facebook), Tweeting & Business (Twitter), LI & Business (Linkedin), and The Big G & Business (Google), and will be available at launch in 8 formats, including iPhone, iPad, Android, tablet, BlackBerry, Kindle, multimedia and print. All digital subscriptions are free, courtesy of Office Depot, EFactor and The Pro2Pro Network, with a subscription to the monthly print edition, priced at $179 per year per magazine. Free digital subscriptions are available online at


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Facebook Fatigue? Start Your Own Social Network

I think I have a slight case of Facebook Fatigue… If I get one more group message inviting me to an event 4,000 miles away I don’t really want to say what I will do, it’s not polite for ladies to say such things (as my mother would say).

Please (she ducks) don’t throw rotten tomatoes at me just yet…I think Facebook is still the most “fun” social network for business I’ve ever seen.

It just also has the ability to quickly fritter away MEGA time (a nice way of saying “time-suck) if you don’t have what my friend Kevin Nations calls a “Profit Strategy”. In other words, a real business model, with a sales system that can turn all that socializing into bottom line dollars and cents – eventually, after you’ve established your social hierarchy, trust and likeability.

Because at the end of the day, we all know that people buy from people they know and people they like – and how can you not like someone who has the audacity to throw Paris Hilton at you? (umm, yep, I’m talking to you Rodney Rumford, FaceReviews Guru ;-))

It’s been my observation over the past 4 years of working with mega-entrepreneurs (John Assaraf, Les Brown, Scott Martineau, most recently, Jerry Conti, my Purpose Posse over at HUB – Humanity Unites Brilliance) that the truly successful 7 & 8 figure + business owners create the sandbox and invite others to play with them, not the other way around.

In other words, they throw the party (or seminar) and collect 50% from the people they put on the platform in front of their audience.

Or better yet, they are the ONLY ones speaking on their platform, it’s their platform, and they aren’t afraid to use it. When you think of it, when have you ever seen Tony Robbins share his stage with someone else? VERY seldom. And if he does, they’re usually delivering his programs, not theirs.

There’s something to be said for continuity and a gated community.

I’ve been quietly playing over at, where you can create your own social network with ease.

Now I’m “easing” several of my clients into developing their own private online communities where it’ll be all them, all the time. And, as Lady Fortune (or Law of Attraction 😉 would have it, my “Diamond Rolodex” delivered the ideal connection once again – a client introduced me to my new best friend, who is a “Ning Ninja”, and very good friends with co-founders…if that isn’t attraction in action, I don’t know what is!

What’s really cool about Ning is the fact that you can private label it for your business – use your own domain name, display your own ads, and even remove their branding. The main consideration in setting it up is what your strategy will be to:

  • Get people to come (for what will they come?)
  • Get them to engage (why will they stay?)
  • Get them to come back
  • Get them to tell their friends
  • Get them to buy your stuff

Another way to use the private label function is to use it as your own membership site – I know of at least one very well known spiritual teacher who is doing this with great success. She charges a monthly subscription that includes weekly audio, a monthly teleseminar and ongoing access and conversations.

And she gets their full attention, because they’re paying her for what she has that they want. Can we say “social network profit model”?

Works for me. What say you?

Update: I’ve since launched a consulting package called Instant Platform 2.0 to strategize and launch niche social networks/online communities for experts, and help them get their first “1000 True Online Fans”.

Here are a few of the ones under way…
Training wheels playground for my Social Networking Boot Camp for Women Entrepreneurs to learn how to play in the social networking scene in a supportive environment. Will start to conduct ongoing teleseminars with experts in social networking and social media, also business experts.
Virtual companion site for a live event that happens every three months)
Goal is to link hundreds of thousands of singers around the world, and meet at live Choirfest events that host up to 22,000 singers at a time!
Author community built around the topic of getting over a bad-breakup: “Wake Up Girl! From Break-up to Wake-Up”

Launching Soon:

Business Black Belt Network – an online community for business planning software company with 180,000 existing customers.  This will allow customers to network and will have a nice Marketplace to list services/products.  If you are a consultant who works with small business owners, email me to find out how you can participate.

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Get More (Better) Business With Social Media – Blog Talk Radio Show

Please excuse the way the posts are all squished together – I upgraded to WordPress 2.6.2 AND added some really cool plugins, but now cannot figure out what is happening with the stylesheets – Bear with me til it’s fixed ;-))

(***Update*** I deactivated all the plug-ins and sure enough one of them was causing that problem.  So you can peer into the mind of a Renaissance woman geek – the next step I am taking is to reactivate them one by one to see which one was the culprit…***;-)

So, now on to my post…

Getting more (and BETTER) business is fast becoming more and more dependent on your ability to connect deeper and faster with others, which is where social media has the potential to deliver.

Tune in as Melody Campbell, The Small Business Guru and I have a candid conversation about how small business owners can grow their “social capital”, create stronger relationships and get more loyal business using social networks the way they were meant to be used.

Show details:
Get More Business Show –
October 3, 2008
Friday 9 am PST
30 minutes

I’m in Great Company…here are some previous and upcoming guests:

Joan Stewart of Publicity Hound
Tom Antion of Great Internet Marketing
David Frey of Marketing Best Practices (Author “Small Business Marketing Bible”)
Terry Dean – He is a legend in Internet Marketing!
And more…you can see the shows at

Nancy Marmolejo – Viva Visibility
Wendy Weiss – Queen of Cold Calling
Mike of
Jeff Herring – The Article Marketing Guy
Denise Michaels – Author of Testosterone Free Marketing

Waiting in the wings are a few surprise guests…one is an author and was a featured personality on The Secret.

(And, you already may know that I owe my escape from wage slave to the entrepreneur lifestyle I craved to John Assaraf, featured teacher in The Secret 😉 so I will tune in to see who this personality is!)

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Michelle Price is Running for President? (Brilliant Viral Social Media Lesson)

Now, you may know that Obama is following ME on Twitter (I followed him first ;-))…

What you probably DON’T know is that in the process of helping other women learn how to profit from becoming social media savvy, social media has been so good for me and my own platform that I’ve decided to toss my own hat in the ring. More information on the Price for President Phenomenon here

(Get ready for a brilliant Web 2.0 viral social media lesson – technology is SO much fun!).

P.S. If you want your own bid for the presidency, go here: YOU for President! (I believe in you)

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Social Media Trend Watch – Beyond Blogs

I admit it, I’m a die-hard trend watcher. It’s a bit frustrating at times being a woman who naturally does this (for any of you StrengthsFinder 2.0 fans, one of my themes is Futurist ;-)) because I haven’t yet tapped into a network of women who get as excited as I do about what’s next.

Out of love, most of the women in my network get pulled along until they start to jog with me (just ask my best friend Michelle Anton about this – 4 years ago she could barely turn her new Mac on – last week she figured out how to map her new domain to her own social network that she set up after I told her about it!)

I’m a systems-thinker. Which means I look at things holistically first. Like “what is it?” – “it” being the role of whatever it is in whatever I’m trying to figure out. Once I figure THAT out, then it’s all smooth sailing. I have this burning curiosity about “things” and their role in the world.

So when I started to move from blogs to social networks to social media in my mind, I began that “systems-thinking” thing that I do to make it make sense, so I could help my women entrepreneur friends make sense so they could benefit from learning EARLY about it.

Blogs play a HUGE role in social media – and the real “killer app” of blogging (uh-oh, am I dating myself from before the “dot-bomb” of 2000 with that word ? ;-)) is the RSS feed that is already BUILT IN.

In fact, in my book blogs are the “new little black dress” for women entrepreneurs, if they can get past their “technophobia” to realize it. I often wonder if they think they can “break” something and that’s why they are afraid to experiment. Some old psychology at work I guess.

But I digress.

I was tickled pink to see Business Week’s new issue “Beyond Blogs – What Business Needs to Know” because it validated the trend I saw coming over year ago with the rise of all of the social networking sites, and a new industry that is emerging called Social Media.

See, in a systems-thinking world, blogs are a piece of the overall social media picture.

Along with

  • social networks (Facebook, Linkedin, Biznik)
  • social news-sharing (digg,, etc.)
  • social surfing (my words, but think StumbleUpon, Sphere-it)
  • social video (YouTube, Google Video, Veoh,, etc) and I recently discovered
  • …social radio! (, and also internet talk radio re-framed as “social radio)
  • And whatever else comes along to try to ride the trend

The reason I say blogs are the foundation for social media marketing, is due to another emerging trend called Social Media Optimization (SMO) (SEO, move over, SMO is in the house!)

With the strategic use of your blog’s RSS feeds, you can be everywhere your customers and prospective customers are and never leave home base. (your blog)

Without further adieu, I present you the video where BusinessWeek’s Stephen Baker discusses the Cover Story he co-wrote in May, 2008, on online social networks, an update of the May, 2005, Cover Story, “Blogs Will Change Your Business.”

In it, he talks about how IBM is using social media (Twitter) for market intelligence, and to connecting with consumers. And retracts his statement that blogging didn’t have a bubble that would burst, because there wasn’t any money in it (hey, tell that to Darren Rowse over at

(I embedded below, so you don’t have to link over if you don’t feel like it.)
Take it away Stephen!

What do you think? Is he on target?

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Social Media Watch: Google Friend Connect

Google’s been hot to really get in on the social media game and you know they don’t play around. They’ve been acquiring Web 2.0 social media sites (like YouTube for $1.6BILLION) for a while now.

This just in, and almost ready for prime time – Google Friend Connect.

According to Google, Google Friend Connect lets you grow traffic by easily adding social features to your website. I just watched the WHOLE video below…and it blew me away.

(and for those of you who know me, you know that’s NO mean feat – most folks can’t talk fast enough or get to the point fast enough for me to watch very long 😉

I also think it might be a woman thing – any women out there who prefer to watch a looooong video online?

Anyway. Essentially, it would appear that Google Friend Connect provides you with a variety of tools that  turn your static, boring, flat website into a full-blown social scene that lets your users interact with each other with ease.

Visitors will be able (should they be compelled by your content) to log-in and “be sociable” using accounts they already have with Google (of course!), AOL Screen Names, Yahoo! and OpenID (see mine at )

Once they do, all their friends in their other networks will be able to see what they’ve found, and can follow them to a new resource (you!).

And this is just the tip of the iceberg, dear friends.  We are on our way to a truly connected web – Global Mind – the question is, what are you going to do to make sure you are in the loop?  Check it out:

YouTube Preview Image
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