Thought Leaders:How to Start a Movement & Get Your First Follower in 3 Minutes

Throwback Post Day! Here’s a post I did in 2011 that I think is even more relevant in 2013.

I found this video in a leadership lesson, on an online learning site. I almost passed it up because I wasn’t looking for this topic – it just popped up in the search for the other keyword.

But I reminded myself that insights (thinklets) on thought leadership come in the most obscure ways sometimes, ESPECIALLY when you aren’t looking for them.

So what does a 3 minute video on dancing have to do with thought leadership, launching a movement and getting YOUR first follower?

Watch this video – it’s a study in human sociology at the least. You’ll see the “light of insight” flip on when you do. 😉

Enjoy – it’s Edutainment at it’s finest…FUNNY!

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How to REALLY Monetize Your Book Online: Lauren E. Miller

Allow me to introduce you to Lauren E. Miller. Google “stress relief expert” and you’ll find Lauren in the top spot (usually). And the she’s the Founder of Stress Solutions University. Lauren and I met when she was launching her latest book “99 Things You Wish You Knew BEFORE Stressing Out”.

You see, Lauren knows what she’s talking about from a very personal perspective.

She experienced 2 of life’s most major stressors- at the same timeDivorce and cancer.

Lauren was diagnosed with breast cancer one week before her divorce was to be final.

When we met, I realized she had an opportunity to monetize her book into a recurring income stream by creating a much needed member-based learning community around the topic of stress relief.

Lauren agreed. We decided that I would  provide the content revenue strategy and technical infrastructure to support her vision.  She would be Chief Content Creator, and begin by creating 99 coaching videos for each of the 99 Things in her book.This would translate into 11 video coaching modules, with 9 videos in each module.

Since this book was about the “mental” skillset required for stress relief, we decided that Stress Solutions University would be about acquiring the “physical” skills – techniques and tools to relieve stress on your own, and access your full potential.

Lauren would deliver LIVE video coaching “stress relief” hot seats, interview experts,  and provide a discussion forum and resource section for members of all of her recommended resources gained over 18 years of studying and using her techniques.

This video below is of one of her “mindset” coaching videos from the book 99 Things You Wish You Knew BEFORE Stressing Out, the text below is it is excerpted from the book:

To Stress or Not to Stress…that is the question. And your choice of response makes all the difference in the outcome. Stress is a signal within your body giving you the opportunity to identify and adjust your perception, Lauren offers some tips on how to adjust your perception.

A recent study out of UCLA’s Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center revealed that chronic stress acts as a sort of fertilizer to cancer cells. If you know anything about the physiological effects of stress on the body from high blood pressure to increased cortisol levels and a compromised immune system you might say, “You think?” At least that’s what I said when I read the findings.

It was one week prior to my final divorce court date when I was diagnosed with stage-three breast cancer. Because I don’t believe in divorce (in my tribe you stay married for life) I was under some serious stress and my body was talking to me about it all.

Have you ever broken down the word disease? Dis-ease: Feelings of uneasiness in the body due to perceived situations that are seen by the viewer as a potential threat to their safety (emotionally, physically or spiritually).

Two of your core needs in life are connection and safety. When you feel unsafe you feel dis-connected and you begin to stress out: “Oh no, I’m not safe; I might fail; I might be fired; I might be unseen, unheard, or overlooked.”

One way to disconnect from feelings of insecurity is to connect to that which is secure within you—along with what you value most in life. What do you value most in your life? I would venture to guess that it exists beyond the five senses.

Make a list of everything that you value most in this life and take time every day to nurture one or two things on that list. You will find that when you align yourself to that which you value most, you fertilize your sense of safety in all situations. This, in turn, releases a sense of ease in your body. Surely, a portion of the time you spend Skyping, texting, emailing and cell phoning can be used to create ease in your daily life, especially knowing it has the potential to save your life.

When your priorities are clear your decisions are easy, which in turn lowers the stress and dis-ease level inside of your body. Remember, it’s your choice. One of my daily mantras is “people before things.” Each time I practice this throughout the day I am given the opportunity to choose between the essential and the nonessential. When you connect with the essential, the result is a life of value and inner peace.

As Dr. David Hawkins points out, “Peace is the natural state when truth prevails.” Align yourself with truth, what is good, pure, excellent and praiseworthy.


Create a Great Day,

Michelle P.

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Social Media Capitalist Trend: How to Reach Women on Pinterest

Saw these two infographics and thought it time I posted something about Pinterest. If women consumers are your market, this is your spot.

Interesting facts:

  1. Close to 70% of Pinterest users are female.
  2. 56% of users are between the ages of 25-44
  3. Over 1 million visitors EACH DAY
  4. Pintrest refers more traffic to other sites than Linkedin, Google+ and YouTube(!) combined
  5. SOCIAL MEDIA CAPITALIST FACT: 28% of Pinterest users have annual household incomes of $100k

The following will take you to Mashable, where you can read that:

  1. recent study showed that home, arts and crafts,  style/fashion and food are the most popular categories on Pinterest.
  2. Food category is the fastest growing segment of Pinterest.
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Online Thought Leaders: Social Media’s First Magazines

I’ve been saying “Connectivity is the NEW Currency” for years now.

The power of the network effect is undeniable in this case.

Due the the Network Effect, these four magazines are launching with a higher circulation than the previous business category leaders, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Businessweek and Fortune combined.

I’m just posting the release as is for now. Will come back later and give some commentary later in a few days…

Stay Connected – Michelle P.

Partnerships Create World’s Leading Circulation Business Magazines with 13.8 Million Distribution


NEW YORK (September 7, 2011) – With social media’s influence growing at a rapid pace, entrepreneurs are embracing it to stay ahead of the curve – and their competition. And now social media’s first magazines – set to debut in October 2011 – are partnering with professional communities and The Pro2Pro Network to expand their business circulation to 13.8 million at launch. This circulation surpasses previous business circulation leader, Wall Street Journal, with 2.1 million subscribers.

EFactor is the world’s largest entrepreneurial community, with members spanning 180 countries. They are a social network and one-stop shop for entrepreneurs, providing them with free resources such as access to funding and savings through exclusively negotiated member discounts.

The Pro2Pro Network is the largest professional-to-professional referral network in North America. Pro2Pro is where  doctors and professionals go for referrals. Their network of entrepreneurs, doctors, attorneys and other professionals is like for professionals, bringing together like minded geo-targeted professionals  who want to establish mutually beneficial referral relationships.

Associate Publisher and best-selling author Eric Yaverbaum says these partnerships reflect the mission of the social media magazines. “These networks really walk the walk of serving their members. By providing our four social media magazines to their constituents for free, they are allowing their members to play the social media game as an informed player. Without this kind of instruction they would find it more difficult to attract customers, translating into lower visibility and lost sales.”

“The influence and power of social media is critical for entrepreneurs,” says founder of EFactor Adrie Reinders. “Our partnership with the four Social Media Magazines is an excellent example of how we provide the most up-to-date information on how entrepreneurs can engage with their customers and increase their profits.”

The four social media magazines, FB & Business (Facebook), Tweeting & Business (Twitter), LI & Business (Linkedin), and The Big G & Business (Google) include a team of the nation’s most influential social media and business minds. The magazines are designed to help businesses and executives leverage the power of the four leading social media platforms, services that are immensely important for entrepreneurs to master.

“Prior to partnering with EFactor & The Pro2Pro Network we already had millions of readers through our exclusive distribution partnership with Office Depot,” says Larry Genkin, GSG WorldMedia’s founder, publisher and CEO. “Now each of our four publications will launch with a higher circulation than the previous business category leaders, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Businessweek and Fortune combined.”

“The combination of and Pro2Pro Network’s vision, with our experts’ knowledge allows us to give 13.8 million entrepreneurs and business people access to the best minds in social media today and for free. As an added bonus, the print publications will also be available in digital format at no cost,” adds Genkin.


Further solidifying the magazines as the “go-to” resource on social media for entrepreneurs and business executives, the publications have signed top experts to contribute editorially. Such masters include entrepreneur and NFL great Fran Tarkenton; Guerrilla Marketing author Jay Conrad Levinson; Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, who Forbes named one of the world’s top 15 most influential business thinkers; Robert Scoble, who gained fame as Microsoft’s “Geek” blogger; Yanik Silver, known as the “godfather of Internet marketing;” and behavioral economist and the best-selling author of the business classic Predictably Irrational, Dan Ariely.


About EFactor: was founded by a team of successful serial entrepreneurs.  At, entrepreneurs exchange ideas with experts, receive exclusive discounts on business tools, interact with potential partners or clients, and discover funding for their startups. EFactor offers a unique mix of online and offline events in the US and internationally. Members join EFactor to make relevant connections, taking their businesses to the next level.


About Pro2Pro Network: Provides strategic business-building marketing solutions for doctors and professionals by scheduling pre-screened, pre-qualified mutually beneficial meetings for professionals with other local professionals who want to establish referral relationships.
About Social Media Magazines: The four social medial publications include FB & Business (Facebook), Tweeting & Business (Twitter), LI & Business (Linkedin), and The Big G & Business (Google), and will be available at launch in 8 formats, including iPhone, iPad, Android, tablet, BlackBerry, Kindle, multimedia and print. All digital subscriptions are free, courtesy of Office Depot, EFactor and The Pro2Pro Network, with a subscription to the monthly print edition, priced at $179 per year per magazine. Free digital subscriptions are available online at


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Dear Michelle, Thank you for being Linkedin member #53,517

How cool. Got this email from Linked in a while back. Started a post, and got sidetracked.

It makes me feel like the social media pioneer I am…I just don’t talk about it as much as some of the others who ‘sigh’…never seem to stop talking about their social media pedigrees.

Anyhoo, Linkedin is at 100 million members, and did a very successful IPO.

Waaaaaay back in ’04, I was a member of one of the “in-crowd” email discussion groups. i-Sales I think it was (anybody else remember those lists? You replied via email…the moderator accepted or rejected your reply. How draconian they seem now).

The new moderator and I hit it off, and he invited me to join Linkedin, which was by invitation only back then. I joined, and didn’t really see anything to do with it. So it sat on the back burner until 2007, right about the time MySpace was hot (never could get into it myself. The screen was too busy).

When I started noticing Facebook heating up around that same time I decided to seriously figure out what Linkedin was really about…it was still boring. (sorry! only my opinion)

7 years later, I think they finally have the formula right.

Dear Michelle,

I want to personally thank you because you were one of LinkedIn’s first 100,000 members (member number 53517 in fact!*). In any technology adoption lifecycle, there are the innovators, those who help lead the way. That was you.

We hit a big milestone at LinkedIn this week when our 100 millionth member joined the site.

When we founded LinkedIn, our vision was to help the world’s professionals be more successful and productive. Today, with your help, LinkedIn is changing the lives of millions of members by helping them connect with others, find jobs, get insights, start a business, and much more.

We are grateful for your support and look forward to helping you accomplish much more in the years to come. I hope that you are having a great year.


Reid Hoffman
Co-founder and Chairman


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Thought LeadHership: 100 Women of Destiny “Tele-Retreat”

You know I love discovering women on the leading edge, who aren’t known, but should be.

Mark my words when I say watch these women on this call. Some of the best kept secrets you’d otherwise never know about will be on the line sometime in the month of March, 2011.

Join Grail Springs Founder, Madeleine Marentette & Team Destiny (including moi) for 100 Women of Destiny.

It’s the largest ever tele-summit retreat to honor the 100th year of International Women’s Day, we are using all of the interactive features over at Maestro Conferencing unlike any other calls you’ve been on – guaranteed.

Each day we will offer “up close and personal” conversations with visionary voices of women who have helped create positive change across the globe.


To join the worldwide celebration of the 100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day, the remarkable women of the African nations are holding a women’s listening event, March 7th-13th.

Women from all walks of life from Kenya, Zimbabwe, South Africa and other African nations share their extraordinary stories of life, their passions and how they overcame their own challenges.

The listening event has many opportunities for women to meet and discuss issues impacting women of the African nations including: workshops, discussions, cooking and more activities for women to bond and come away with a once in a lifetime experience.

I hope to “hear” you on the line sometime this month!

Create a great day,


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