Guest Blog: 99 Things You Wish You Knew BEFORE Stressing Out

One week prior to her final divorce court date, Lauren Miller was diagnosed with stage-three breast cancer and told she had a 50 PERCENT CHANCE OF SURVIVAL. How’s THAT for stress?

She’s launching her book “99 Things You Wish You Knew BEFORE Stressing Out!” today and I am hosting her for a Guest Blog Tour this week. I’ll be posting a tip from the book every day…ENJOY!

This first tip is from Chapter 1: TO STRESS? OR NOT TO STRESS?
Ahhh… that is the question. Did you know you have the ability to choose your response to any and every situation that unfolds before you in life? When you remember this truth, it is very empowering and will be of great worth as you journey through life. Your choice of response will also make all the difference in the outcome. When you choose any strong emotional response, know that you cannot see things for what they really are because you are blinded by the intensity of the emotion. You might say, “Well, I can’t help myself, that’s just how I respond,” which comes from your subconscious patterns of behavior. However, when you become conscious of behaviors and responses that no longer serve you, you are in a position to shift back to peace. To choose to stress or not to stress, the choice is yours. Simply taking a few deeps breaths between the situation and your response to it can give you a little gap of empowerment to choose peace over panic.

Tip #1: Know Stress; Know Dis-ease…No Stress; No Dis-ease.
A recent study out of UCLA’s Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center revealed that chronic stress acts as a sort of fertilizer to cancer cells. If you know anything about the physiological effects of stress on the body from high blood pressure to increased cortisol levels and a compromised immune system you might say, “You think?” At least that’s what I said when I read the findings.

It was one week prior to my final divorce court date when I was diagnosed with stage-three breast cancer. Because I don’t believe in divorce (in my tribe you stay married for life) I was under some serious stress and my body was talking to me about it all.

Have you ever broken down the word disease? Dis-ease: Feelings of uneasiness in the body due to perceived situations that are seen by the viewer as a potential threat to their safety (emotionally, physically or spiritually).

Two of your core needs in life are connection and safety. When you feel unsafe you feel dis-connected and you begin to stress out: “Oh no, I’m not safe; I might fail; I might be fired; I might be unseen, unheard, or overlooked.”

One way to disconnect from feelings of insecurity is to connect to that which is secure within you—along with what you value most in life. What do you value most in your life?

I would venture to guess that it exists beyond the five senses. Make a list of everything that you value most in this life and take time every day to nurture one or two things on that list. You will find that when you align yourself to that which you value most, you fertilize your sense of safety in all situations. This, in turn, releases a sense of ease in your body.

Surely, a portion of the time you spend Skyping, texting, emailing and cell phoning can be used to create ease in your daily life, especially knowing it has the potential to save your life. When your priorities are clear your decisions are easy, which in turn lowers the stress and dis-ease level inside of your body.

Remember, it’s your choice. One of my daily mantras is “people before things.” Each time I practice this throughout the day I am given the opportunity to choose between the essential and the nonessential. When you connect with the essential, the result is a life of value and inner peace. As Dr. David Hawkins points out, “Peace is the natural state when truth prevails.”

Align yourself with truth, what is good, pure, excellent and praiseworthy.


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