Thought Leader Michael Drew & The Pendulum – TedxCalgary

Meet Michael Drew, my son from another mother 😉 Against some pretty big odds, he’s succeeded in getting his BIG thoughts out into the world in some amazing ways.

I’ve known Mike since he was 23 and had only 14 for 14 NY Times/Wall Street Journal best sellers underneath his belt. He’s 30 now with 60+  for 60+ NY Times and/or WSJ best sellers.  It gives me great pleasure to finally be able to share this amazing concept –  Pendulum – that I’ve heard about 5 times now (the 90 minute version).

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Mike is genius in action.  His little Mensa mind just doesn’t quit. He tells me

it’s his Myers-Briggs INTJ personality. It HAS to finish what it starts.  I tell him my ENTP mind can give him plenty to finish <grin>

I’ve been wanting him to share it outside of the small circle of folks who have seen it.

And I’m still never tired of listening. I suspect you’ll feel the same.

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  1. Beate Chelette says:

    True, Michael is indeed a person to watch. His concepts are beyond some of the proven and in the meantime overused marketing principles. They are about what a person actually responds to whichis why they seem to work. Definitely watch this presentation.

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