Guest Blogger: Ananda Leeke, Sisterhood, The Blog

I discovered Ananda Leeke via a surprising stream of @ tweets that she shared about me and some of the concepts and things I have been up to ;-)…how cool is that?

So I jumped over to her “Sisterhood, The Blog” blog to see who this leading edge sister-thinker was and I’m really impressed with what she is up to, too!

Now, I’m going to surprise her right back…by posting her poem “Sisterhood, The Blog” below.

(It’s  included in her new book That Which Awakens Me: A Creative Woman’s Poetic Memoir of Self-Discovery (iUniverse, Inc. – available on –

anandamainphotoSisterhood, the Blog
by Ananda Leeke

Have you heard?

There’s a new feminine frontier where women’s voices emerge from the silence without fear, shame, or judgment.

Where women plant seeds of thought and infinite possibilities in gardens that promote freedom of expression.

Where women reveal their dreams and tell their secrets because a sanctuary of safety has been birthed by each woman’s soul.

Thanks to the Internet and an expanding portfolio of social media tools, women have discovered common ground.

They have become the architects of their own lives.

Their blogs, videos, podcasts, and social networking sites are prime real estate in online neighborhoods that form communities of support.

Their conversations build relationships and bridge gaps.

They make their own news and tell their own stories

The end result is a plethora of networks that serve as launch pads for personal and spiritual empowerment, information sharing, creative expression, healthy living, new friendships, social justice advocacy, career reinvention, and business opportunities.

All of their energy and efforts illustrate one truth:  women are standing in their power and reclaiming their sacred feminine on and offline.

They move with a power not seen before.

It is rooted in being fully

P – Present when they

O – Own their lives as

W – Women who believe they have

E – Everything they need to live out their

R –  Revolution of authenticity.

One thing is for sure, women know their investment in themselves will yield a high return.

So get on board and join the revolution of Sisterhood, the Blog before it’s too late.

Copyright 2009 by Madelyn C. Leeke


Anada Leek is (, an author, artist, creativity coach, yoga teacher, Reiki Master practitioner, blogger, D.C. Social Media Examiner (for, social media strategist, radio host, speaker, and innerpreneur, established Sisterhood, the Blog in June 2009.

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  1. Ananda Leeke says:

    Thank you so much Michelle. I am humbled and honored. What a surprise! You made my day and weekend! Many blessings to you and your blog audience. Keep shining!

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