“Ass, Gas or Grass…Nobody Rides For Free”…(circa 70’s Bumper Sticker)


Except on the internet. Everything’s FREE right?

This is an excerpt from a book that I thought was THE best book on social media I’d read. And I’ve read them all….(really – I get review copies sent to me by the publishers)…until this sentence had me do a double-take:

“[Insert name of VERY well known social media male icon who owns THE social media destination site here] recommends finding a firm or individual who would like to increase her (emphasis mine) exposure in your niche, and offering a trade of advertising space on your site and blog for free or discounted services.”

I am not usually hyper-sensitive to gender references in books or other media, social or not. Somehow, the way this is used in this particular context really bothers me though.

Now it has me really curious…pondering questions like, “Hmmm, was that a Freudian slip? Why did he say “her” and not “his”? (Or at least “his/her”?)…”Does he really think “she” should work for free or discount services in return for “exposure” in a niche that may or may not be “rich”?”

I think I’ll reach out and find out what was he thinking? Maybe he wasn’t.

More later.

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