Influence Match: The Insider Strategy of Influence Agents in 6 Steps

I’d like to introduce my mentor,  Gary Spirer, a.k.a. the $560M Man and founder of He  is my Guest Blogger today. We are co-creating a “StepsTo” Guide around Influence for Women Entrepreneurs.  He wrote this to show me that he figured out my pattern for influencing others…;-)

Stay tuned for more information….

Influence Match: The Insider Strategy of Influence Agents in 6 Steps
by Gary Spirer

Social Media Idea Cluster Influence Curve
Image by Gauravonomics via Flickr

To succeed in marketing and to increase your sales dramatically, you need the right influence and visibility.

Without the right influence and visibility, it is very difficult to produce ongoing sales, cash flow and a business that works for you.

The Challenge:

Bad stuff (content/services). Scams. Ridiculous claims.

Bad stuff makes it hard for good stuff to be trusted and purchased.

The Strategy:

  1. Step 1 Have good stuff.
  2. Step 2 Get influence agents interested in you.
  3. Step 3 Let them desire the products you have.
  4. Step 4 Have them introduce your good stuff to those who have influence and lists.
  5. Step 5 Let the influence agents work with the influencers to endorse you.
  6. Step 6 Reciprocate – be loyal to the influence agents and the influencers and expand their power by introducing them to your growing network.

The Result is that you:

  1. – Gain influence (& trust – my words 😉
  2. – Form Strategic Alliances
  3. – Build your list
  4. – Achieve visibility
  5. – Develop your own influence
  6. – Increase sales
  7. – Move closer to a business that works for you

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