The New Language of Marketing 2.0:How to Use ANGELS to Energize Your Market

Today on The Business of Online Thought Leadership talk radio, I snagged an interview with leading thinker Sandy Carter, IBM’s Hippest Marketing 2.0 Chick, and Vice President, SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and WebSphere Marketing, Strategy, and Channels.

Sandy is also the new author of the book “The New Language of Marketing 2.0: How to Use ANGELS to Energize Your Market”. She is responsible for IBM’s cross-company, worldwide SOA initiatives and is in charge of one of IBM’s premier brands, IBM WebSphere.

She is known for her innovative Marketing 2.0;  she’s led the brand to win 14 industry marketing awards in the past year!

Listen in and learn what Big Blue is up to – how they are using the tools of Web 2.0 and social media to open and sustain conversations with their customers and prospects.  You’ll learn how they got over 50,000 customers to give them input on a new product, and how they used Twitter to increase the attendance at a series of Road Show LIVE events.  In fact, they attributed at least 5,000 attendees overall to Twitter!

Here you go, enjoy:
The New Language of Marketing: How to Use ANGELS to Energize Your Market

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