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Getting more (and BETTER) business is fast becoming more and more dependent on your ability to connect deeper and faster with others, which is where social media has the potential to deliver.

Tune in as Melody Campbell, The Small Business Guru and I have a candid conversation about how small business owners can grow their “social capital”, create stronger relationships and get more loyal business using social networks the way they were meant to be used.

Show details:
Get More Business Show –
October 3, 2008
Friday 9 am PST
30 minutes

I’m in Great Company…here are some previous and upcoming guests:

Joan Stewart of Publicity Hound
Tom Antion of Great Internet Marketing
David Frey of Marketing Best Practices (Author “Small Business Marketing Bible”)
Terry Dean – He is a legend in Internet Marketing!
And more…you can see the shows at

Nancy Marmolejo – Viva Visibility
Wendy Weiss – Queen of Cold Calling
Mike of
Jeff Herring – The Article Marketing Guy
Denise Michaels – Author of Testosterone Free Marketing

Waiting in the wings are a few surprise guests…one is an author and was a featured personality on The Secret.

(And, you already may know that I owe my escape from wage slave to the entrepreneur lifestyle I craved to John Assaraf, featured teacher in The Secret 😉 so I will tune in to see who this personality is!)

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