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I admit it, I’m a die-hard trend watcher. It’s a bit frustrating at times being a woman who naturally does this (for any of you StrengthsFinder 2.0 fans, one of my themes is Futurist ;-)) because I haven’t yet tapped into a network of women who get as excited as I do about what’s next.

Out of love, most of the women in my network get pulled along until they start to jog with me (just ask my best friend Michelle Anton about this – 4 years ago she could barely turn her new Mac on – last week she figured out how to map her new domain to her own social network that she set up after I told her about it!)

I’m a systems-thinker. Which means I look at things holistically first. Like “what is it?” – “it” being the role of whatever it is in whatever I’m trying to figure out. Once I figure THAT out, then it’s all smooth sailing. I have this burning curiosity about “things” and their role in the world.

So when I started to move from blogs to social networks to social media in my mind, I began that “systems-thinking” thing that I do to make it make sense, so I could help my women entrepreneur friends make sense so they could benefit from learning EARLY about it.

Blogs play a HUGE role in social media – and the real “killer app” of blogging (uh-oh, am I dating myself from before the “dot-bomb” of 2000 with that word ? ;-)) is the RSS feed that is already BUILT IN.

In fact, in my book blogs are the “new little black dress” for women entrepreneurs, if they can get past their “technophobia” to realize it. I often wonder if they think they can “break” something and that’s why they are afraid to experiment. Some old psychology at work I guess.

But I digress.

I was tickled pink to see Business Week’s new issue “Beyond Blogs – What Business Needs to Know” because it validated the trend I saw coming over year ago with the rise of all of the social networking sites, and a new industry that is emerging called Social Media.

See, in a systems-thinking world, blogs are a piece of the overall social media picture.

Along with

  • social networks (Facebook, Linkedin, Biznik)
  • social news-sharing (digg,, etc.)
  • social surfing (my words, but think StumbleUpon, Sphere-it)
  • social video (YouTube, Google Video, Veoh,, etc) and I recently discovered
  • …social radio! (, and also internet talk radio re-framed as “social radio)
  • And whatever else comes along to try to ride the trend

The reason I say blogs are the foundation for social media marketing, is due to another emerging trend called Social Media Optimization (SMO) (SEO, move over, SMO is in the house!)

With the strategic use of your blog’s RSS feeds, you can be everywhere your customers and prospective customers are and never leave home base. (your blog)

Without further adieu, I present you the video where BusinessWeek’s Stephen Baker discusses the Cover Story he co-wrote in May, 2008, on online social networks, an update of the May, 2005, Cover Story, “Blogs Will Change Your Business.”

In it, he talks about how IBM is using social media (Twitter) for market intelligence, and to connecting with consumers. And retracts his statement that blogging didn’t have a bubble that would burst, because there wasn’t any money in it (hey, tell that to Darren Rowse over at

(I embedded below, so you don’t have to link over if you don’t feel like it.)
Take it away Stephen!

What do you think? Is he on target?

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  1. Kathleen Gage says:

    Excellent post. Yes, things are moving so rapidly that it is difficult at times to wrap our hands around it. The days of “I just want things to remain the same” have long since disappeared. So much in fact, in the time it took to write this response post, it’s likely something new has come on the online scene and something else is yesterday’s news.

    Kathleen Gage
    The Street Smarts Marketer

  2. MichellePrice says:

    Kathleen, that really sums it up. The only thing that is a constant, is change…whether we want it or not, so might as well learn to embrace it, and even create some now and then 😉

    Michelle P.

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