How to Become a World-Class Facebook Psychologist

This just in my inbox from my friend Ben, (oops, I mean Howard Campbell).

I told him I thought it would be fun to share and I was going to post this onto my blog. Hey, where else could you get a $4,000 Stanford University syllabus for Facebook for free, become a world class expert on the psychology of Facebook, AND audit the class using their Facebook group, BUT online?

That’s why I love the internet.

Here’s the email:


Can you keep a secret?

This is a $4,000 course and I’m
letting you in the back door…

Psychology of Facebook
is being taught at Stanford

“For ten weeks we will focus
on persuasion psychology in Facebook.”
~BJ Fogg, Stanford University

If you put together
a college-level course
on social networking
what would you call it?

At Stanford, they call it Psychology of FaceBook.

Get the Stanford syllabus here…

( MP: Better look quick, before they find out)

If you are already a member of FaceBook,
then you can join their group online…

Join the Stanford class group on Facebook Here

The kids in this class paid roughly $4,000 each
and you can audit the class for free.

If they ask, tell them Howard Campbell
told you where to look. :-) Shhh.

aka Howard Campbell

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  1. Cathy Goodwin says:

    A Stanford course online? As a former f/t college professor…I love it!

  2. Michelle Price says:

    Yep, that’s what I thought too – there is a collective book being written and as a part of the group you have the opportunity to contribute topics you’d like to see in it. It’s tentatively being called “The Psychology of Facebook”…

  3. BJ Fogg says:


    It is definitely an experiment to run a course so openly (at least for me). I do expect that soon we’ll have collaboration with outsiders on this course and others.

    By the way, the syllabus is a living document which is being updated frequently.

    BJ Fogg
    Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab

  4. Michelle Price says:


    I think it’s a brilliant idea and so in alignment with the transparency that internet empowered consumers are demanding and that social technology (hmmm, did I just coin a new phrase, or is that just saying Open Source technology in a way that makes more sense?) is making available to the world, one brave thought leader at a time ;-).

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Michelle P.

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