60% of Wealthy Consumers Online Use Social Networks

Gotta love the guys and gals at MarketingVox.com – they vet all of the info and only give you news you can use.

Who are these wealthy consumers? They average 287k in income and have a net worth of 2.1Million, according to the Luxury Institute.  (and for the more skeptical among you, these survey results are weighted to match demographic and net worth profiles of the same audience according to the latest Federal Reserve survey of consumer finances.)

As overachievers, being connected is natural for them, their participation increased 5 times, to 49%,  they average membership in 2.8 (can we just say 3? How do you participate in .8??) networks, and have about 110 connections.

  • 16% MySpace (really? how interesting – that site drives me nuts with it’s busy-ness and blaring musical profiles 😉
  • 13% Linkedin (per LI, a large percentage of CEOs visit daily)
  • 11% Facebook (one of my favorites, it’s very interesting to see what my creative friends are up to – however, please stop inviting me to events in Australia, I’m NOT coming, but feel free to visit me when you are in Sunny San Diego, CA)

Most rapid acceleration is in the over 55 crowd (you know what they say about us boomers, we refuse to grow up LOL!)

For the rest of the story and links, go here:

Six in 10 Wealthy Consumers Online Use Social Networks – MarketingVOX

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