Online Buyers Want More Product Videos

I think this is fascinating. In this report from eMarketer, a survey of 1200 online users who shop online more than 4 times a year and spend over $500 indicates:

  • 43% of read customer reviews most of the time before a product purchase and
  • 46% required a minimum of 4-7 before they would make a purchase decision

These online buyers are also Web 2.0 savvy…44% of them also indicate that they wish that websites had more product videos, 39% wanted the ability to subscribe to email or RSS alerts, 39% want discussion boards or forums and 37% want the ability to personalize the site or create a personal profile.

Oh, and in case you wonder if having customer testimonials really makes a difference, 49% of these buyers want them.

Read it all here:
Online Buyers Seek Out User Reviews – eMarketer

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