Designing Women…Business Designing Women That Is…

I facilitated a presentation on PR 2.0 (using social networking, blogs, RSS, podcasts, for PR) for Susan Levin’s MediaSpeak Symposium this weekend – and met some of the most amazing people with big visions for leaving a big impact in the world.

Among them was a very unassuming woman named Desiree, who invited me to her Empowered Woman event on Sunday. Since one of the steps I’ve learned from my mentors, Matthew Ferry & Thach Nguyen about the 8 step process to manifesting your biggest vision is to be a “yes” to everyone, of course, I said “yes :-)

So I found my way to the event (I am not familiar with Los Angeles, but have been blessed with a great sense of direction), at the very posh Mountainside Country Club in Los Angeles and to my surprise found a room full of 100+ very passionate “business designing” women…on a Sunday…at 12:30 p.m.!

There were women there who were focused on designing their business to profitable, and fun. Desiree led an exercise on creating Vision Boards to help you focus on what you want to create in your life and business, and had magazines ready for us to find pictures of the things we wanted to create in our lives. Several women shared their experience with creating vision boards and having the things they placed on them show up in their lives effortlessly.

By the time the afternoon was over, I’d met 3 or 4 women that I know will be lasting connections, and will lead to us all growing our business the Quantum Profit way…more on this later.

Just want to say thanks to Susan Levin for creating the event, and to Desiree for inviting me to experience the energy of women with a purpose…designing businesses that bring them joy, fulfillment…and profits!

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