Quantum Leap Women "Just Do It"…

Yesterday, I shared my brand new “Quantum Leap Mindset” talk outline with my best girlfriend and colleague Michelle Anton, and she got off the phone super inspired. When we spoke later on in the evening she announced that she had just booked a 12 city, paid, sponsored speaking tour to go talk about her book Weekend Entrepreneur (!). Now, we both know speakers that have been speaking for years and haven’t figured out how to get one of these gigs.

And this tour didn’t happen overnight, it had been percolating in the background for a couple of months, and yesterday it reached the tipping point.

(I’ll write about exactly HOW it came about in a future post in a few days because that is another Quantum Leap Woman who decided to Just Do It ;-).  The key point to make here is that Michelle has never done anything like this before but that didn’t stop her, she just said “yes”.  And let the Universe take care of the details.

What’s the Quantum Leap for her? Now she can lay claim to “nationally touring speaker”…

The Moral of the Story…Want to make a Quantum Leap? Just Do It!

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