Howard Berg, The World’s Fastest Reader

I met Howard Berg through my good friend and Xtraordinary Women Mastermind partner, Maria Carter. He holds the Guiness Book of World Records for being the world’s fastes reader.

And he was in San Diego doing a course for the Learning Annex on speed reading. I wasn’t expecting to learn anything new and was I ever floored! He actually teaches a strategy called “accelerated learning” which among other things in this Age of Information Overload helps entrepreneurs read more, faster, and retain more of what they read.

He runs a virtual school called Gateway Prepatory with his partner, Kuni Beasley, and there are 16 year olds using these strategies and techniques to get their Associates Degree before they graduate high school and 19 year olds getting Master’s Degrees! Visit Gateway Prepatory School for more information on THAT.

I recorded an interview with Howard which I’ll upload very soon.

Fascinating, and definitely one of the smartest human beings on the planet.

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  1. Jack - Jack... I'm toying between a Tony Robbins course or a Tony Buzan course in the UK. I'm enjoying your site …

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