Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the Net. The plan is to introduce you to my personal Brain Trust…the teachers, mentors and thought leaders I’ve discovered on my journey to conscious entrepreneurship. And to inspire women about making a quantum leap in consciousness and having that spill over into your business results…;-)

Enjoy. Come back and visit often…

Michelle P.

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  1. Sheila Hall says:

    I am not at all surprised that your “Mission/Purpose/Career” has clothed itself in yet another Dynamic Garment – “A Third Mind!” I could not be more pleased for you, others, and myself. I want to excavate my consciousness and discover the full measure of who I am and my potential to (still) become. I need that! Thank you for moving your life forward and your desire to assist others in their personal journey toward whatever awaits them. Movel Tov!!!

    Your 30-day subscriber to Sell More Books 😉

  2. athirdmind says:

    Hi Sheila!
    Thanks for your energy – I feel it in your words 😉 I say make the committment to “quantum leap” yourself and let’s enjoy the jump!

    Love and light,

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