6 Levels of The Social Media Users Ladder: Profile Your Audience FIRST

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When I found this information on from Forrester Research , I immediately thought of “Social Climbers”. However, it’s not what you think 😉

What it tells you  is “look before you leap” and find out HOW your audience uses social media. AKA “Social Technographics(r).

For example, say you wanted to create an online community or social network for your business. You need content, and you assume that if you build it, and give your audience the ability to create blogs, they will come, and blog, and create the content for you.

What if based on this cool tool, they aren’t Creators, they are instead Spectators? Then it’s pretty useless to create a community where they can blog, right? It would make more sense to find the bloggers they already read and are influenced by. Who also allow comments on blog posts.

You could then do a couple of things. You could invite those bloggers to blog on your community. (And offer them some sort of social currency or even hard currency to do so). Or you could hire your own bloggers to create content that is related AND goes deeper into the topic.

Then you could create a comment strategy and go start commenting on the blog your ideal users read. And link back to specific, relevant blog posts on your community.

Watch the slide show, then play with the Social Technology Profile Tool. Enjoy!

Social Technology Profile Tool

What are your thoughts?

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