4 Steps to Use Your Blog to Activate the Internet Law of Attraction

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I personally believe there is no richer place to activate the Law of Attraction than the Internet, hands down. I mean, where else can you go and have real live people searching for what you have 24/7/365? I’ve been online since ’96, and my friends and family call me their human Google. I admit it, I am an information junkie.

If it can be found online, I will find it. I’ve got lots of strategies and tools I use to locate niche markets and information no one else knows or uses.

The trick to using this in your favor is to get into the mind of your ideal client. Figure out what painful situation she’s in, or what ambition she has and the words she would use to describe it if she were looking for a solution and you are on your way to learning how to activate the Internet Law of Attraction.

Here are 4 tips to help you get into the right frame of mind. *Disclaimer: they aren’t rocket science, but I’ve used these exact steps to find what I wanted for the past 19 years online – so in a way it’s really reverse engineering and giving you a peek into the mind of a true Internet Empowered Consumer:

  1. Brainstorm the main words or phrases that your ideal customer or client might use to find your service or product.
  2. Plug the words into Google and see what results show up on the first page. Notice the page titles and also notice if there are ads using your words displaying next to the results.
  3. Keep narrowing and refining your search terms using what you find that catches your eye until you start finding services similar to yours (of course, no one else has YOUR unique DNA – Distinct NicheAdvantage ;-)) and that are showing up on the first page of Google. ( I rarely look past the first two pages anymore and I suspect not many others do either – they just start over with more or different words)
  4. Make note of the keywords you find and then figure out how to use them somewhere in your blog post title and in the body of your posts without sounding too weird. If you can , also use them as your blog sidebar categories & topics. I added my name to the main title of this blog and landed on the first page of results in Google almost overnight (and I share a name with someone who is a writer and/or musician so that is quite a feat!)

If you’d like to know more about what I’m calling the Internet Law of Attraction, let me know. I’ll be writing more about it in future posts.

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