3 SEO Reasons To Spend More of Your Blog-Writing Time on The Title

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If you’re a business owner or blogger, you likely know how important it is to have at least a basic knowledge of SEO. Without properly using SEO within your blogs, it can be very difficult for your content to be found in the search results and for your website to get the traffic it otherwise could. And when it comes to the search results, there is arguably one aspect of the SERP that most entices readers to click on your link: the title.

When creating a blog, it makes sense to spend a large portion of time writing your content. But your content creation shouldn’t stop once the body copy is written. The more SEO-based aspects of your blogs should also be given your time and attention in order for you to find the success you want with your content. So to help make this success more of a reality, here are three SEO-related reasons you should be spending more time on the titles of your blogs.

Increase Your CTR

Like was mentioned above, the title that’s shown in the SERPS can be a big help or hindrance for getting people to follow your link. In fact, Aleh Barysevich, a contributor to Search Engine Journal, shares that a well written title tag is a good determiner for having a strong click-through rate. Knowing this, if you want to encourage more people to click on the link to your blog that they find in the search results, it’s a good idea to put a decent amount of time and energy into crafting a quality blog title.

Get Those Keywords

While keywords definitely don’t have the clout that they once carried in SEO, it’s still important to include relevant keywords in your content, especially if you’re hoping to rank for a specific keyword or phrase. This is where thinking hard about your title can be helpful. Lindsay Kolowich, a contributor to HubSpot.com, writes that attempting to place one of your keywords toward the beginning of your title can help to show how relevant your content piece is for the topic in which you’re discussing. Keep in mind, though, that it’s really the general topic and focus of your piece that gives your blog relevance, not just plugging in a keyword in the title.

Making Friends With Search Engines

According to Hari Narayan, a contributor to ShoutMeLoud.com, there are certain types of blog titles that search engines seem to like more than others. These are called “SEO friendly titles.” Narayan writes that these types of titles usually contain a number in the title, like you would find in a blog that shares some kind of list. While this isn’t a hard and fast rule, it may be something to consider if you haven’t had previous success with your blogs.

By taking the time necessary to write a quality blog title, you have a much better chance at using your SEO to your advantage. Consider the tips mentioned above to help you get there.

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